Tips for Writing a Dissertation Result Chapter

Easy to Grasp Method of Writing the Results

Researchers at some points get tempted to use short cuts when presenting their works in a dissertation. This would jeopardize the hard work put into the research at the end. Writing a dissertation results chapter is straightforward by using the provided below tips.

Use Visual Aids Like Graphs and Figures

The easiest way to present results is by the use of tables or graphs. To achieve this, every visual representation has to be clearly explained to avoid confusing the reader. The number of visual images should also not be too many, as this will lead the reader to get bored and lose interest in your work.

Study and Understand Similar Findings

Different disciplines employ quite different methods of presenting all dissertation results. Social sciences tend to present and discuss the results simultaneously, while hard sciences prefer to show them separately. Having a better understanding of the research topic will quickly make the research more comfortable to complete.

Consult Your Advisor

Since many institutions have different ways of presenting the results, it is essential to seek your research advisor’s help. This should only be considered if a style guide has not been provided to be used by the institution. The advisor also can assist where the researcher doesn’t quite understand what to do at a certain point in the research.

Data Interpretation Should Be Explained

An in-depth explanation should be provided concerning the hypothesis about the gathered results. You need to explain and justify your conclusion since the data provided is not always apparent to the reader. This should only be made briefly to avoid extensively discussing the findings, which will later be explained in the discussion section.

Analyze the Rest of Your Dissertation

This is important because it will guide you in the correct path by studying your results and comparing them to others. Earlier carried researches should be the ones to guide you on what to look at.

In most cases, by the time the student starts composing the result section, the data would have been collected and analyzed. Thus the result part is explained in the past tense. However, regardless of the tense requested by a supervisor, the information presented must be logical and be organized in easy to digest format. Therefore, keep paragraphs short and straightforward. Present the data in a chronological design.

Use an introductory paragraph

This chapter should have a paragraph that explains your findings briefly to prepare the reader to understand it. This may include the methods of analysis, problems encountered during the data gathering period, and any information regarding visual representations that may have been used to show the results.

The dissertation results chapter should only include the results of the research. This section primarily includes exciting finds from the study, the main results of the investigation, and brief descriptions of the findings. The tips mentioned above will guarantee that your dissertation results from chapter ticks all the boxes. It may seem to have a lot of work, but once you understand how to go about it, everything will become easy.

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