Dissertation Results Help That Is Deadline-Oriented

Dissertation Results Help That Postgraduate Students Can Count On

Not every student taking a master’s or PhD course is good at writing a quality dissertation. However, all of them want to excel in their academics despite the challenges encountered. What makes a dissertation challenging to write is because the student has to start it from scratch.

Besides, it can cover over 100 pages, which means it is time-consuming and energy-draining. Furthermore, you have to set ample time aside to complete all dissertation chapters. One of those dissertation sections that are both interesting and challenging to compose is the results.

The instructions on the ideal way to draft the result sections and what information to include can vary from one institution to another. In some cases, especially for shorter dissertation, you may be required to combine the findings and discussion under one section.

For a longer dissertation, especially for PhD programs, the two chapters are usually separate. And each carries significant weight in the grading criteria. Thus even if you get a well-written dissertation example, you might find it less helpful because the formatting guidelines may not be similar to your project.

In such a scenario, a student may doubt whether they can complete the dissertation on time. Besides, you cannot put all your time into writing a dissertation because there are other essay demands, social life, and even attending classes.

If you get writer’s block and find yourself staring at a blank page for several days, then asking for writing help from a professional can ensure you do not reach a point where you get burnout. Here are the reasons why students ask for dissertation writing help.

Get to Understand the Components to Add

The finding or result section focuses on explaining the key experimental results or data gathered. This section must also showcase whether the results are significant and align with the thesis statement. The tense should also be in the past tense. An expert writer has extensive experience writing a whole dissertation that meets the current academic standards. Hence will include all the information that goes into the results section.

Use the Right Citation

The guidelines for references are often changing. Hence it is hard for a busy student to grasp every single rule for all the citation styles. However, when composing the finding section, you must add literature that supports your interpretation. Any interesting findings have to be explained in detail while communicating your points clearly. A subject matter expert can check your citation and ensure it matches the guidelines given by your department.


Do you know what order to use when presenting your dissertation findings? Chronological order is often the most accepted method in numerous disciplines. It allows the information to flow logically. Apart from text, results can also be presented in graphs, tables, and figures.

Using a variety of methods helps to break the text monotony and make the findings clear. Remember to give each visual element a title and number. You must ensure that every section of the dissertation is flawless. Otherwise, it might score low marks. Hire an expert to ensure your result section is as per the expected standards.

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